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As a senior anchor on Africa’s first, independent 24-hour news channel, we are expected to not only pull off a world class show, we also have to look good and current. I have worked with Sandra Megit on what is a pressure-cooker morning and evening show with many guests – and she always made me look good and professional. Above all her attention to being tidy and professional really impressed.

Also impressive were her communication skills. Always ready to consult about the choice of make-up and my special preferences, she would discuss what worked best. This was especially important – because she would also have to liaise with the lighting crews to ensure that her choices didn’t clash with their lighting.

Sandra also has a wonderful disposition. On the morning shift we get in around four thirty am, and you always find her prepared and armed with a brilliant smile. She knows when to talk and when not to pry, as the make-up chair can double up as a psychologist’s chair!

I am confident she will go far and I hope her brushes cross my face again one day if she ever decides to leave us.


Iman Rappetti - Senior eNews anchor - eNCA





I have had the pleasure of having Sandra do my makeup on the eNews Channel. She is a wonderful, bubbly person who makes even the worst of mornings better with her personality. She then proceeds to make you look and feel gorgeous. Sandra has an amazing style and technique – where I look glamorous on TV and could leave the studio and go out shopping with my makeup still on and not look overdone. She likes to play with colours and has surprised me many times with colours I wouldn’t even have thought of using on myself. But despite all her talent and experience she still accommodates your personal taste and is only satisfied if YOU are satisfied with your look.


Uveka Rangappa - eNews Anchor - eNCA





I have known Sandra Megit for more than 4 years. She has been a make –up artist at the news organization eNCA where I worked as a senior news anchor.  She had done my make -up throughout that tenure.

She is very able, gifted and passionate about whatever she does.

She is a consummate and dedicated professional. 

Ms Megit is a pleasure to be around owing to her kind, bubbly and pleasant personality.

She would be an asset to any organization she works for and I recommend her highly.


Nikiwe Bikitsha





I have been associated with Sandra Megit since joining eNCA (eNews Channel Africa) almost five years ago. In that time, I have found Sandra to be an honest, reliable individual who arrives timeously and only leaves once she is assured her work is fully complete. Sandra is always pleasant, friendly, accommodating and willing to help.


Joanne Joseph – Senior News Anchor - eNCA





Sandra was one of the make-up artists who did my make-up for eNuus on Kyknet. She’s a pleasure to work with, she’s punctual and professional. Most of all she is creative and exploring, which makes her a stunning artist to work with because she doesn’t get stuck on one style. Besides from her work, she is an accommodating, friendly girl, with a sense of humour and an open personality, one of those people you know you can trust and rely on. If she ever chooses to venture on she will be truly missed!


Anina Peens - News Anchor – eNuus - Kyknet





Sandra Megit was responsible for doing my TV make-up from time to time. Apart from the fact that she has a stunning personality and gets along with any and everyone, she also does a magnificent job and is extremely passionate about it. I would recommend her strongly for ANY position she applies for.


LiMari Louw – TV News Anchor – eNuus - Kyknet





Sandra is a pleasure to work with. She manages to make me look presentable in the mornings – not an easy task.

She maintains a professional attitude but is always friendly.

Would be such a pity if she ever leaves, but I’m sure she’ll make a success of it.


James Lennox - Sport Anchor - eNCA





Since 2013 I have had the privilege of working with Sandra Megit, a consummate professional. She is not only a warm person but has an incredible sense of humour. She is one make-up artist that makes coming to work a pleasure.


Her signature lipstick collection is like none I’ve seen before, her range of lipsticks would give MAC a run for its money! Anyone who sits on Sandra’s chair no doubt shares my sentiments, you don’t leave the same, you are more beautiful than when you came in.


She is an asset to anyone that will have the privilege of having her work for them.


Duduzile Ramela - eNCA anchor - eNCA





Sandra’s been one of the make-up artists assigned to do the make-up for the news anchors on eNuus.

That’s the brand new independent Afrikaans news channel in South Africa.

In fact, the only independent Afrikaans news channel in our country.

Our audience is a specific upmarket niche.  The women who watch us, love to follow trends.

How our make-up is done, is of the utmost importance. 

Sandra’s been one of our top make-up artists.

She’s very good with mixing and matching colours and is very open to allow for a presenter’s individual style.

Apart from that, Sandra has a vibrant personality, and is a pleasure having around.  She has excellent tips for “out of the office” looks as well.  Sandra will always be welcomed back with open arms if she leaves.

We would definitely miss her, but whoever gets her would be very lucky!


Genée Heyl - eNuus Anchor - Kyknet





I have worked with Sandra for over 3 years and have found her to be highly professional, dedicated, pleasant and friendly person to work with. She consistently demonstrates a high level of responsibility and reliability and I unhesitatingly recommend her to any professional environment accommodating her field of work.


Michael McKenna - Sport Anchor - eNCA





I have worked with Sandra Megit for the past five years on eNCA. She has been my makeup artist on the flagship news show that I co-present – News Night

In that time she has not only been exemplary in her job but has demonstrated a keen interest in my work and the news environment – something unusual in her line of work I would imagine and which I would consider to be an additional strength.

Furthermore she has displayed unique sensitivity and empathy in what is a high pressure environment and has a way of managing other people’s stress and creating a valued safe-haven in her workspace.

While I was never a fan of makeup – It’s a necessary part of my job and she was exceptional at what she did.

She leaves with my best wishes and deepest regret that we will no longer be working together


Jeremy Maggs - Senior Anchor eNCA




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